Vacuum chamber

In order to use a regular COSY dipole as a magnetic spectrometer the original beam pipe had to be replaced. On one hand the replacement should be stable and vacuum tight, on the other hand it should have very thin windows so that the reaction product leaving the dipole region don't scatter to much.

Sketch of the vacuum chamber

The solution was to design a chamber with rectangular cross section with windows of two layers of carbon fiber glued to a thin aluminum foil. The resulting window foil is so stable, that cutting it with a knife doesn't result in blowing it, an essential requirement when it is used to separate normal air pressure from ultra high vacuum. The cylinder in the left part of the picture is the target chamber.

MonteCarlo simulated event

Positively charged reaction products are deflected into the inner regoin of COSY. Negatively charged particles cross a thin scintillation detector and an arrangement of silicon pad detectors before they hit the iron of the COSY dipole.

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