COSY-11 - an Internal Experimental Facility for Threshold Measurements


The COSY-11 installation is an internal experiment at the cooler synchrotron and storage ring COSY Jülich. It has been designed for full geometrical acceptance close to threshold for meson production studies, especially in the 1 GeV/c² mass range. The experimental setup makes use of a regular C-type COSY dipole magnet, following a cluster target, to separate reaction products from the beam and to analyze their momenta, thus allowing the observation of charged reaction products at small angles with beam energies close to threshold. Resonances will be identified by missing mass reconstructions from measured four-momenta of two outgoing protons in the predominantly studied pp->ppX reaction. In addition, charged mesons either produced directly or from decays of X will be detected. The different components of the experimental facility are presented.

Preprint: KFA-IKP(I)-1995-1 in PostScript format (11MB)
Publication: Nucl.Inst.& Meth. A 376 (1996) 397-410