Low-Energy Lambda-p Scattering Parameters from the pp->pK+Lambda Reaction


Constraints on the spin-averaged Lambda-p scattering length and effective range have been obtained from measurements of the pp->pK+Lambda reaction close to the production threshold by comparing model phase-space Dalitz plot occupations with experimental ones. The data fix well the position of the virtual bound state in the Lambda-p system. Combining this with information from elastic Lambda-p scattering measurements at slightly higher energies, together with the fact that the hyperdeuteron is not bound, leads to a new determination of the low energy Lambda-p scattering parameters.

Preprint: FZJ-IKP(I)-1998-2 in PostScript format (659kB)
E-print: http://xxx.lanl.gov/abs/nucl-ex/9803008
Publication: Eur.Phys.Jou. A 2 (1998) 1, 99-104