Total and Differential Cross Sections for the pp->pp eta' Reaction Near Threshold


The eta' meson production in the reaction pp->pp eta' has been studied at excess energies of Q=26.5, 32.5 and 46.6 MeV using the internal beam facility COSY-11 at the cooler synchrotron COSY. The total cross sections as well as one angular distribution for the highest Q-value are presented. The excitation function of the near threshold data can be described by a pure s-wave phase space distribution with the inclusion of the proton-proton final state interaction and Coulomb effects. The obtained angular distribution of the eta' mesons is also consistent with pure s-wave production.

Preprint in PostScript format (2.7MB)
accepted for publication in Eur.Phys.Jou. A 20 (2004) 345-350