Hadronic interaction of the eta meson with two nucleons


The COSY-11 collaboration has conducted experiments aiming at the determination of the excitation function and phase-space population of the pp->pp eta reaction close to the kinematical threshold. The precise data obtained with the stochastically cooled proton beam of the cooler synchrotron COSY and the high resolution zero-degree magnetic spectrometer allowed for the observation of the significant deviations - in the shape of the excitation function and two-particle invariant masses - from the predictions based on the assumption that the reaction phase space is homogenously populated. Comparison of the shape of the excitation function for the pp->pp eta and pp->pp eta' reaction allows to distinquish in the model independent way an influence originating from the proton-proton and proton-eta interaction. For the comparison the full data set from experiments performed at COSY and other laboratories is used.

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