Experimental results on strangeness production in proton-proton collisions at COSY


The production of K+ and K- mesons in elementary proton-proton collisions has been investigated at the Cooler Synchrotron COSY in Jülich. A high quality proton beam with low emittance and small momentum spread permitted to study creation of these mesons very close to the kinematical threshold.

The energy dependence of the total cross section is investigated using internal beam facilities providing a high accuracy particle momentum determination as well as an external non-magnetic facility with a large geometrical acceptance.

The determination of the four-momentum vectors for all ejectiles of each registered event gives the complete kinematical information allowing to study the interaction of the outgoing particles. Results on the performed studies of the pp->ppK+K-, pp->p Lambda K+, and pp->p Sigma0 K+ reactions will be presented.

E-print: http://xxx.lanl.gov/abs/nucl-ex/0201016
Publication: J. Phys. G 28 (2002) 1777