Heavy Meson Production at COSY-11


Last year, for the first time total cross section measurements in the proton-proton collision close to the reaction threshold of the eta' meson production have been published [1]. Two independent experiments performed at the accelerators SATURNE and COSY have consistent results. At a given excess energy the determined values of the total cross sections for the eta' meson production are about a factor of fifty smaller than the corresponding ones for the eta meson. This observation rather excludes a resonant production of the eta' meson in the threshold region, whereas, such a mechanism dominates the close to threshold creation of meson eta.
The quark content of both these mesons is very similar, however, due to the small pseudoscalar mixing angle (ThetaPS ~ -15°) [2], the eta' meson is predominantly a flavour singlet state and is expected to contain a significant admixture of gluons. This possibility makes a comparative study of eta and eta' mesons very interesting.
Detailed investigations of the production mechanism and of the proton-eta and proton-eta' interaction constituted the motivation for the further precise measurements of the eta' meson production performed with a stochastically cooled proton beam, and of the eta meson production performed with a beam momentum changed continuously during each cycle of data taking [3].
Results of these new measurements carried out by the COSY-11 detection system at the COSY accelerator will be presented and discussed.

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