Threshold Measurements of pp->ppK+K- at the COSY-11 Installation


With the structure of the f0(975) and a0(980) still being discussed, data close to the threshold of the reaction pp->ppK+K- are needed to help interpreting the nature of these scalar mesons. At threshold, proton-proton, proton-kaon and kaon-kaon final state interaction should be observable. In addition to the standard experimental technique of detecting the baryons in the exit channel, the COSY-11 installation, designed for full geometrical acceptance close to threshold, allows alimited detection of charged kaons, i.e. a complete kinematical determination for all four hadrons is possible. First results obtained during a beam time in October 1995 at this internal experimental facility are presented, an estimate of the counting rate is given. It is proposed to scan the proton proton interaction in a momentum range defined by the thresholds of K+K- and K0Kbar0 production.

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