Hyperon production in pn-induced reactions at COSY-11


It is proposed to extend the measurements of the associated strangeness production via the hyperon channel towards the pn-induced reactions using deuterium as a neutron target. To perform such measurements an additional neutron detector was installed at the COSY-11 setup. The following reactions should be measurable with acceptable detection efficiencies at COSY-11:

  1. p d -> K+ Lambda p n
  2. p d -> K+ Sigma- p p
  3. p d -> K+ Sigma0 p n
A comparison with the corresponding pp-induced reactions will allow to separate the production rates at a proton from the production rates at a neutron. As a first step we request for one week of beam time to check the background and the possible missing mass resolution which is limited in reaction 1 and 3 by the newly installed neutron detector.

Complete document in PostScript format (~748kB)