Study of eta- and eta'-Meson Production in the Reactions pd->3He X at COSY-11


We propose to investigate the reactions pd->3He eta and pd->3He eta' near threshold using the COSY-11 installation. The identification of the outgoing 3He and determination of the four momentum will be provided by using drift chambers and scintillation walls. With this information it is possible to calculate the missing mass of the unobserved particle X of the reaction pd->3He X, which leads to a full event reconstruction in the case of the above mentioned two particle final states of interest. The new deuterium regeneration system for both the experiments COSY-11 and ANKE will be used during the deuterium cluster beam operation.
Since the installation COSY-11 takes advantage of the internal cluster target (single particle interaction, no target windows) in combination with a stochastically cooled beam, in view of its high luminosities this experimental setup is suited well for taking high precision data in the near threshold region.

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