Bremsstrahlung radiation in the deuteron - proton collision


Despite the fact that Bremsstrahlung has been observed many years ago, it is still the subject of interest of many theoretical and experimental groups. Due to the high sensitivity of the NN -> NN gamma reaction to the nucleon-nucleon potential, Bremsstrahlung radiation is used as a tool to investigate details of the nucleon-nucleon interaction. Such investigations can be performed at the cooler synchroton COSY in the Research Centre Jülich, by dint of the COSY-11 detection system.

For the first time at the COSY-11 experiment signals from gamma-quanta were observed in the time-of-flight distribution of neutral particles measured with the neutral particle detector.

In this thesis the results of the identification of Bremsstrahlung radiation emitted via the dp -> dp gamma reaction in data taken with a proton target and a deuteron beam are presented and discussed.

The time resolution of the neutral particle detector and its timing calibration are crucial for the indentification of the dp -> dp gamma reaction. Therefore, methods of determining the relative timing between individual modules - constituting the neutron detector - and of the general time offset with respect to the detector components are described. Furthermore the accuracy of the momentum determination of the resistered neutron which defines the precision of the event reconstruction was extreacted from the data.

Diploma thesis in PDF (~4.4MB) format