Experiment description

Sketch of the COSY-11 setup

The COSY-11 experiment setup consists of

The geometrical acceptance of the system is such, that for reactions slightly above their reaction threshold all charged particles leave the dipole and are measured in the detectors. For higher beam momenta particles are measurable in specific directions and momentum regions. A 3-dimensional picture shows the momentum acceptance for positively charged particles that manage to exit the vacuum chamber window. The particle momentum is displayed as a discrete sequence of sphere segments parametrized as fraction of the beam momentum.
Center-of-mass acceptances for the particle 'X' in the reaction pp->ppX show that the mean efficiency is > 20 % even at an excess momentum of 10 MeV/c.

A special COSY beam beam optics has been developed in order to minimise the beam diameters at the interaction zone in the COSY-11 target chamber.

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